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Polyester Thread

Fiber Innovators has the ideal solution for your polyester fiber thread needs. We can meet requirements such as the following:

• Ultralow Shrinkage
• Inherent Flame Retardation
• Solution-Dyed Colors

• FDA Approved Finish
• Ultralow Deniers
• Stretch/Recovery

• High Tenacity With Excellent Dye Uniformity
• Bright Luster

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Made To Your Specifications

We engineer the properties and detail it to your specific needs. For instance, tell us what you want shrinkage wise, and we can produce it for you. The thickness of the thread can vary from 45—450 denier. Order fulfillment times vary based on the details of your needs and whether we will have to custom design it for you. Cost and turn times are addressed during your consultation. Come to our facility or call us.

Our Unique Sewing Thread Manufacturing Process

We use high-strength polyester yarn that has unique linkage properties to create our sewing threads. We are the only company using a two-step process: we start with low-oriented yarn and draw it over a tanning roll to stretch it out. This method gives it more strength and tenacity. Our black yarn is especially unique because it is dyed before the process so that the dye doesn't wear off and it doesn't lose its color.